Welcome to the official site of ED KILLS THE DEAD comics!

This website is focused on my new dark horror series titled Ed kills the dead. The graphic novel is finally available in stock and this is the online shopping store for everything to do with the comic. I am the creator of this suspenseful series from designing the main character to storyboarding the idea into a black and white comic filled with entertaining action and fantasy fueled concepts. With the hardcover edition, this Volume 1, first year anniversary will compile this trilogy into one book. Also featuring some behind the scenes extras.
A new storyline will take place in issue 4 that will take us into a new adventure. Be sure to follow this series for a fresh new and improved look how the world of Ed will battle the evils from beneath us, in hell! In the meantime, have fun and take care!
Come and check out this new zombie tale of horror and shop here for my single issues and the hardcover available in this online store.